Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Blessed Samhain

31st of October is very important in the pagan calendar. The sabbat Samhain is a fire festival, marks the start of a new year and is when the veil between this world and the otherworld is at it's most thinnest. 
Over the last few years I have seen Halloween become very commercialised like Christmas, with the high street supermarkets bringing out the same skull head goblets and zombie costumes but for me it is more than that.
Samhain is a time of reflection, of honouring our ancestors and remembering those who we have lost.
This is the perfect time for divination also and to plan what is to come in the year ahead.

However you chose to celebrate Halloween or Samhain may it be a time to reflect on what you have achieved so far.

To find out more about the sabbat of Samhain visit:

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