Monday, 31 December 2012

Review of the year 2012

For me this year has been one I will always remember, not just for experiences for which there have been many but the new friends I have made along the way.
The most important moment of 2012 for me was the Celtic Moon Pagan Pilgrimage back in May. For one the weather was truly glorious and the visits to the sacred sites were breath taking. Even now I can remember the buzz that ran through my body as I stood underneath one of the great arches of Stonehenge.

This year has been very much a pagan year for me. After the pilgrimage I became a full member within the Celtic Moon circle and have partaken in some beautiful rituals that has helped cement my path that I am on.

Making my drum in September has now opened up a doorway into Shamanism which I am very keen to follow, recently I have been visiting Caer Corhrain where I birthed my drum for drum circles and feel a real connectedness which took me quite by surprise.

Of course this is the year that I started this blog and decided to show my Rockabilly side some more and I am glad I did! I only have a few followers at present but the feedback I receive from my readers makes me want to continue blogging.

Of course this year we got Keijo the Finnish Lapphund puppy. I absolutely love having a dog in the house and I am amazed how big he is now from the tiny pup we got back in July! He truly is a handsome boy and very clever but still has a naughty streak!

So what does 2013 have in store? Well I need a new job. I am fed up of not having weekends and I need to earn more money. I have already begun sending out my CV so I hope something comes of it.

For Christmas I got a pyrography burning tool from Leon so I hope to be able to master it and make some beautiful artwork.

I have many events in my diary that I will be going to as well as trading at, I will be writing about these in due course.

Wishing you all a very blessed 2013!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Yule blessings

Today marks the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and the longest night but from this point on the light will start to return. In the Celtic calendar this sabbat is known as Yule.

Many celebrate Yule by visiting sacred sites such as Stonehenge to view the sunrise.

This is also the time when the Holly King passes his crown to the Oak King who rules from now till the Summer Solstice.

While writing this blog I was listening to Damh the Bards Druidcast podcast where he played a beautiful colloquy based on the battle of the two tree kings. If you download the podcast you can hear for yourself but here is the colloquy for you to read.

Colloquy of the Oak and Holly King
By Damh the Bard & Cerri Lee

Cold and bright the solstice dawn breaks through the heol-stone gate,
Time out of mind the stones have stood marking the zenith and the nadir of the sun’s journey across the sky.
Cut by our ancient hands, with stone on stone they were shaped and pulled from the earth’s embrace,
Mile on mile moved and with magic raised upon this sacred land.
And at this time of the Solstice,
The Holly King waits within the Stones.
He waits in darkness, and stillness,
For the coming of the dawn,
The rising of the Sun,
And the footsteps of his Oaken-leafed brother.
Whilst the Awen……is sung.

Brother, what is your name?

To which the Oak King replies,
Not hard to answer!
I am Hafgan, Lord of the Waxing Year,
I am the King of Oak,
I bring bud to leaf,
Bring life to the Earth,
I banish the cold of Winter,
And welcome the warmth of Spring,
And you my brother, what is your name?

To which the Holly King replies,
Not hard to answer!
I am Arawn, Lord of the Waning Year,
I am the King of Holly,
I strip bare your leaf-ridden trees,
I bring darkness to this land,
……and peace,
I banish the warmth of Summer
And welcome the iciness of Winter.
Brother, where do you come from?

To which the Oak King replies,
Not hard to answer!
I come from Annwn, the Otherworld.
And at the time of your greatest power I am born into this world of Abred,
Called by the singing of the Birds of Rhiannon,
The warmth of my breath, and my seed, awakens the life within my Queen,
And the land is bathed in the beauty of our love,
Whilst Annwn is ruled by Winter and Ice,
So Abred blossoms, caressed by the heat of my gazing eye.
And you my brother, where do you come from?

To which the Holly King replies,
Not hard to answer!
I come from Annwn, the Otherworld,
And at the time of your greatest power I am born into this world of Abred,
I ride on Rhiannon’s horse to claim my throne,
Laughing with the Wild Hunt I ride through the night sky,
My cold breath will make way for the coming of the Cailleach,
And the land will be bathed in the beauty of ice and darkness,
Whilst Annwn blossoms, in your heat,
So Abred will have peace, reflection, and renewal,
Guarded by Orion of the Silver Belt.
Brother, what art do you perform?

To which the Oak King replies,
Not hard to answer!
I lift the saddened heart,
Bring life to death,
Shape the hidden green,
Give flight to birds and insects,
My Bards sing upon their wing,
My orchestra plays music within the wind,
Life returns, and in that space where thought becomes dream,
Lovers walk upon the warm earth,
And lay under the stars, and the Sun, together.
And you my Brother, what art do you perform?

To which the Holly King replies,
Not hard to answer!
I give space to thought,
Bring renewal from death,
Bring rest to life, transformation to your crown of green,
I light the inner fire, and the hearth,
And quicken the heart of the beast,
My Bards are the stillness of the winter sky,
The reflection on the water,
The tears of the ice,
Life returns to that place where dreams are forgathered,
Lovers lie before the flickering fires in their homes,
And new life is nourished as my Lady strips bare the branches,
And lays her cloak across the land.
And I am here my Brother, to take my crown.

Then take this crown, but know this –
Even though you begin your rule,
My heat will grow,
My fire will ripen the fruit,
Turn the fields from green to gold,
And warm the oceans.
For although you take the power of light.
I retain the power of heat,
Until your Lady joins you,
At Samhain.

You can hear this by downloading the podcast from iTunes or
It is episode 69.

So to all my readers and my friends blessings to you this Yule.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Another year older...

Last Friday (7th Dec) was my birthday. Soon the 20s will be behind me but I do not lament! I am going to enjoy being this side of 30 as much as possible in the next year. 
I thought I would show you what lovely gifts I received this year.

This lovely original ACEO of Elen of the Ways by the talented Esther Remmington. The leather frame was made by Martin Winkles of EBG Leather. (oh and some red polka dot slipper socks)

Esther also took a photo which shows the colours more true to life.

I also got these amazing studded Creepers. I have wanted a pair for ages.

And these lovely red boots too. I do love my footwear!

I also got some Hotel Chocolat Chocolate; yum! And a chunky knit cardigan with reindeer's on as well as other goodies.