Sunday, 4 September 2016

Avalon journey- Spirtual recharge.

So lately I have been more Rockabilly than Pagan. Since having a baby trying to find spiritual time is difficult. I'm embarrassed to say my altar has not changed since Yule and the Sabbats have passed me by without any acknowledgement. I had become a lazy pagan.

When two of my fellow Celtic Mooners asked me if I wanted to join them in a Summer pilgrimage to Avalon I was over the moon! Time away from being 'Mummy' and to embrace my spiritual side that has been neglected for too long.

The lead up to the journey was a busy one. I had spent the week before at Broadstairs folk week camping which was a lot of fun but I was exhausted. Followed by a manic few days at work and then making sure Layla was going to be okay as this was to be the first time I would be away from her over night. I was anxious, as any mother would be in these circumstances. My partner was also worried as Layla is still breastfeeding and I have been the one putting her to sleep and going to her in the night since she was born. However I knew that time away from Layla was desperately needed.
On Wednesday I left Layla with my parents and made my way to Zee's home, the transition from Mummy to Magickal well underway. I slept on the sofa so we could be on the road to Glastonbury early to maximise our time there.

We arrived in Avalon (I will be calling Glastonbury by this name for the rest of this post.) at about 10:30am and we made a bee-line for the Tor. It was a beautiful sunny day but very hot! We had to take several pit stops on the way to the top which allowed me to get a little bit of drumming in.
Once to the top I was surprised at how busy it was!
The warm Summers day had brought everyone out it seemed.
The view from the tor is stunning and a bit of mist still clung in the distance making Avalon appear to be the mysterious isle bathed in sunlight.
I took up my drum again and played for a bit. It was a rhythmical heartbeat which allowed Zee to go on a journey deep into the Tor itself. I hoped the tourists didn't mind my drumming!
After a while I decided to see what my drum would sound like in the tower. I had a bit of an audience but I didn't let it put me off and I beat my drum for them and for me.  
We were up on the Tor for two hours and by now our tummies were beginning to rumble, so we took our leave from the Tor and trekked back into town to find nourishment.

We headed to the Travelodge to check into our room and relax and unwind after our long journey... Or at least that was the plan. We were on the first floor and the guest staying in the room above us decided that they didn't want to stay still and was matching up and down in their room with such ferocity that it caused our room to shake.
To begin with we found it funny, trying to figure out what on earth it was that the person (we figured to be a male) was doing.
We went back out to get supplies and dinner and we wanted to have an early night and settled down to sleep.
That's when the  guest upstairs began pacing yet again.
We decided to go downstairs and complain to Reception who told us to wait half an hour and if they were still making noise she would go and knock on their door. So up we went back to our room and waited while the sound of thudding footsteps was still going. It was so loud that I recorded it on my phone. It was now coming up for 12am and we were all very tired and anxious.
Still the marching persisted and after 15 minuets we went back down to reception. We were informed that she had gone to the room but there had been no answer. We asked if we could be moved and thankfully there was a room going spare on the 2nd floor but it would mean moving the extra bed up a flight of stairs. Anything was going to be better than listening to the pacing.
We went back to our room and gathered all the belongings together and took it up to our new room. With the help of the receptionist we moved the bed up the stairs to our new quieter room. By the time we were settled it had gone 1am. So much for an early night.
Suffice to say we all managed to have a peaceful nights sleep and although we were first asked to move back down to the other room we were told we could stay where we were, much to all our relief.

Friday morning started off with Morrison's breakfast followed by shopping in the myriad or wonderful shops in the high street.


 Shopping therapy complete and bellies full we made our journey towards the Goddess temple for some well needed mediation time and to try and shake off the negativity we had picked up from the unseen guest back at the Travelodge.
The temple was busy! It took us all a while to connect and be at peace when all we could hear was the rustle of people looking through the greeting cards on display and the occasional remark from Muggles who were just curious to see what was behind the door.
Standing in front of the main altar, decorated still in the colours of Lammas I took stock of everything that had transpired to us so far on the pilgrimage and let go of the anxiety, tiredness and let myself relax.
Before coming into the temple I had bought a piece of black tourmaline to help me with some negativity I had been dealing with in my home life and I poured all this into the little stone in my hand.

Recently I have felt very lost when it comes to my spirituality. Before having Layla I was very proud of my pagan lifestyle but in the year and a half of becoming a mother I had to give up going to my drum circle and I had lots connection with my power animal, White Stag.
I was a shadow of my former self. I needed to take control of myself and be in my own power once more.
While I was in meditation I asked if White Stag had truly left me and it was confirmed that he was no longer my guide. However I was surprised to learn that a new totem animal had come forward. That of a Mother Brown bear.
White Stag had seen me through my journey onto the path of Druidry and Shamanism, his work with me was done and now I was walking my path of motherhood.
With her help I hope to stand by my choice that I make as a mother  and not feel like I am useless at parenting.

After some quiet meditation Zee asked the temple Melissa if he could Smudge us which he was happy to do. I stood in the middle with zee and Anna to the side and we held each other to make a circle while we were being Smudged. Afterward the Melissa blessed us and called us the sisters of the Goddess and I could feel my eyes start to well up for this is what I had been missing.

After the beautiful energy of being in the temple the sun came out so a quick nip back to our room to gather supplies and get changed before embarking on our trip to the White well and Chalice well.
We only had a few minuets in the White well and during our time there we got to hear a rather beautiful dreadlocked man chanting. His voice drew me to him and I sat down by Bridget's altar and listen with my eyes closed. When I looked again the man had got undressed ready to plunge into the frigid waters. Rather him than me!
We then moved back into the sunshine to have some quiet time in the chalice well gardens.

It is such a beautiful place and we managed to get some meditation time around the chalice well head and cool (freeze) our feet in the healing waters.
While we were in the garden we could hear the man chanting again. This photo is me, hugging the yew and hearing his chanting...

This beautiful photo of Zee shows Anna and I looking at him over the fence like two naughty school girls.

 We returned back to the Travelodge for dinner and some henna. I designed both Zee's and Anna's and Anna did mine. All incorporating Glastonbury tor into the design.
Zee's Mermaid Henna
Anna's Hare henna
My Antler henna

 I had such an amazing time and I wish to thank Zee and Anna be apart of their spiritual pilgrimage.
I can't wait for the next one!

Thanks to Zee and Anna for the photos