Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The pagan part of Me

As promised, this post is all about my pagan path.

I have been interested in nature since I was a child. Preferring to play with toy animals rather then dolls. I was always drawing animals and would go off alone in the forest, much to my Mums distress.

When I was at secondary school I began looking into other spiritualities, this was also the same time Buffy the Vampire was on TV- so yes my interest in witchcraft did come from that.
I started learning more about the other Gods and Goddesses of Greek pantheon and started to buy books on Wicca and solitary witchcraft and joined many pagan orientated websites and chat rooms.
I worked as a solitary for a few years, but never coming out of the broom closet and just reading about rituals and magic rather then performing any.

I began to create artwork which had more pagan themes in them and by now I was learning more about the connection with paganism and faeries. I brought a fantastic book called Faeriecraft and thought;
This is my path, this feels so right with my beliefs.

I tried setting up an online community to hold online rituals and to meet others who follow the Faeriecraft way. However I soon discovered that it was to be met with very little success so I had to close the group. This was around the same time that I found the Celtic moon website which was doing much better then mine.
Through this group I have started on my new path,that of Druid.
I am currently doing the Bardic grade from the Order of Bard Ovates and Druids and reading a lot of new books on the subject also which I will review on this blog in the future.
My path might not have been as straight forward as it could be. Indeed there have many twists and turns and a few dead-ends but along the way I have made some wonderful friends and become aware of the wonders of deity and the natural world we are all apart of.

So to sum it all up, I have been a pagan for about 13 years.
I class myself as a Druid.
My patron Goddess and God are Elen of The ways and Cernunnos. (more about them in future posts)
I am a member of the Celtic Moon Grove.
My totem animal is the Orca, however lately Stags and Reindeer have become very important to me.

If you are interested in learning more about Druidry then I recommend visiting (OBOD course)
And listen to Druidcast by Dahm the Bard on iTunes.
Faeriecraft book on Amazon:
Celtic Moon social network: /

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

New beginnings

Starting a new blog is always a daunting task.
My aims for this blog is for somewhere for me to put down things that I find interesting which don't necessary relate to my artwork. I am a fantasy and wildlife painter and to find out more about that side of me then please visit my art blog

So what is to be expected in this blog? As the title suggested I am a practising pagan on the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druid correspondence course. I follow my own path and I want to use this blog to explore themes with in my pagan practice and belief.

 I also like to dress in a Rockabilly style and dream of owning a 1960s camper van.
Not mine but how I would love to own one :)
Photo courtesy of LJS digital photography

For now I drive a Smart car.. in fact I have the use of two and I am part of the East Kent Smart Club.
Penny the Smart For two Numeric

Scratch the Smart For two Scratch Black

  When I get the time off work I like to go to events with the Smart car entourage. The above photos were taken at the Folkstone classic car show at the Grand.

   Also of late I have taken up knitting! So far I have made a pair of wrist warmers and currently working on a green drawstring bag for my Druid Animal Oracle cards. This will be a place that I will show photos of projects  and patterns I have found as I learn.

So that is a little over-view about what I intend this blog to be about.
Next post will be a little more insight into my pagan path.