Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Steampunk on a budget

Recently I have been to two events where I dress Steampunk. The first event was the Faery ball at Avalon and the second was at a friends rather awesome Halloween party.

For both events I dressed with the same key items but mixed it up a bit.
In this photo you can see my costume in full. The only thing that I really spent money on was the corset I am wearing.
This can be purchased from who do a lovely selection of steampunk attire. I managed to get mine off ebay for a fraction of the rrp! It pays to shop around.

The skirt was from a charity shop, I paid £3 for it and to give it a steampunk look I attached skirt lifters which in essence are just suspender clips. you can find a variety of them on sites like etsy but I got mine from Sock dreams:

The socks were cheap from ebay as were by boots.
My tweed jacket was another charity shop steal. I brought it back in August at Broadstairs Folkweek for £6. It was missing a couple of buttons but I had some military buttons to replace them and I added some patches I had to make it unique. The jacket label says it was originally from River island.
In this photo you can see the patches and badges I added to the jacket.

The Steampunk staple: goggles! These were provided by my dear friend Martin of EBG Leather, as was Leon's top hat:

My dread falls were made by a friend.

At the Halloween party I was surprised to discover that a competition was held for the best dress male and female costume and I got first place!  Still very surprised.
Receiving my prize!

As part of my costume I also made a pair of wings but I made them a bit to big to wear but Esther Remmington did manage to take a photo of me wearing them.
Next time I will make them not so wide!

When buying things for a Steampunk outfit it is always best to search what you have already and visit your local Charity/ thrift shops and plan in advance!

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