Sunday, 14 October 2012

Celtic Moon pagan community

So I have mentioned Celtic Moon a few times on my blog now and I thought I would expand on my own experience with this very special group I am a part of.

I joined Celtic moon of July 2010 after meeting the priestess Breaca at one of the festivals I had a art stall at in Canterbury. It was the same time I had set up my own group on the Ning social network called 'Faerie Seekers'. I was looking for more like minded folk to interact with as I felt I had been on my solitary path for too long. Ning decided to stop it's free content so I had to close 'Faerie Seekers' and put all my focus into Celtic Moon and I am so glad I did.
By joining Celtic Moon I have not only made some wonderful friends but I now truly feel pagan where before I didn't know where I was headed (this was also the same time I found my patron Goddess Elen.)
On the Celtic Moon website you can have a page where people can contact you just like on Facebook, post blogs, join groups and discussions on lots of different topics, from spirit guides, crystal healing and magick to name a few.
Through Celtic Moon I began my journey as a Bard in training and the Druid group has been very important in my studies.
The Celtic Moon big days out are a great way to get together and have fun with people who won't look at you oddly for wearing toadstool earrings or comment on why you have a Star of David necklace on (been there, got the t-shirt.)

In May of this year I attended the Celtic Moon Pagan pilgrimage which has to be one of the highlights of this year for me by far. You can read about the pilgrimage here :

And it was during this holiday that I was invited to join the Celtic Moon Circle as a member which means I now attend physical moot meetings with the other members and join in with sabbat celebrations and rituals.

Celtic Moon at present does not have any room in it's circle for new members, however there is plenty of room over on the website for members to join.

A few weeks ago we made a introduction video for new members to get to know who the circle members are, if you see any of us in the chat room don't be scared to say hello. We don't bite and I look forward to welcoming you to the community.

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