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Pin-up artist interview- Kathy Siney

 Introducing a new section to my blog where I interview artists who work features a Rockabilly, Pagan, Steampunk or Pin-up theme. The first interview was with the lovely Kathy Siney, Pin-up and Burlesque artist.

Strings and Stripes

1) I first become aware of your art through your fantasy and faery art work,
when did you decide to include Pin-up to your themes?

I've actually always drawn pin up girls from being young. In school I was
drawing Marilyn Monroe and I always loved the glamorous looks they had. I
used to draw them as a hobby whilst I was still doing fantasy art, and it
was just one day I decided to publish one of them to Facebook and it got
lots of comments! Until then, I never thought anyone would want to see
them, so I'm happy doing more of them now; Im doing what I love!

2) Who would you say is your biggest influence to your art work?

I think Rock n Roll and the 1950s as a whole, has been my biggest influence;
the pin up girls, the music, fashion - it all inspires me and I get so many
ideas from that. I love to see other artists' work too and I greatly admire
Olivia De Berardinis from the USA.

3) Do you get your inspiration from modern day pin-up models in the industry
now or do you look at models from the era you're trying to capture?

Usually I get an idea in my head of a picture Id like to achieve and then I
set about finding reference pictures to give me more to work from. I love
that the whole vintage and rockabilly look is so popular these days, that a
modern day model can look like she's walked right out of the 50s anyway!

4) What is is it about the pin up art that makes you draw and paint them?

I love the 1950s and everything that goes with it -so for me, its a way of
expressing the fun and glamour of that time. I love the hairstyles and make
up and of course the beautiful dresses!

5) What is you favourite era of pin up art work?(1920s, 30s 40s 50s?)

I think everyone would guess its the 50s! I do love the 40s too, the looks
are very similar in style.

Knickerbocker glory

6) Has anyone been offended by the art you produce? Or that you choose to
draw women in sexy poses?
(I really hope not!)

I really hope not and I have never been told if it has offended anyone. I
like to draw pin ups in a 'cheeky' style rather than overtly provocative -
unless it's a specific commission for someone. I like to create artwork that
could make people smile, without it being distasteful.

Tessa May

7) Do you think that the way women models are perceived in today's media is
better or worse then It was in the 40s 50s?

Today's views are much more relaxed, for example when you look at Bettie
Page back then, she was seen as completely shocking, because society at that
time, just didn't accept such images- even Elvis Presley was considered
vulgar because of his hip shaking! However, I personally feel that today's
levels of acceptability have gone too much the other way... magazine covers
can now display images that even just 20 years ago would have seemed
outrageous! Today's media also portrays certain types of images that some
women can feel pressured to look like. I find it very sad when I hear of
extremely young girls suffering from eating disorders and whilst the media
is not solely to blame, it does play a large part in displaying air-brushed
models, 'perfect' figures, the latest quick fix diets.... I love that
people like Gok Wan have come along and fought against that. I really like
that the 50s fashion was intended to accentuate a curvy, hourglass figure.

8) Do you have any projects in the pipeline at the moment? Any events where
people can see you and your work?
I've got a busy year ahead, mainly designing new images for merchandise
which will appear on T-shirts; and I will be relaunching my website and
collaborating with other people in the Vintage industry. I am also getting
more involved with charity work for Help for Heroes; there are so many pin
up projects being put together for our soldiers and I think its a wonderful

9) You also paint burlesque dancers too. Have you ever been to a Burlesque

I have never been to a class, but I would like to! My mind is willing, but I
just need a little more courage!!

10) Vintage style and fashion seem to be getting more popular, why do you
think that is?

I think the 1940s and 50s encompass a whole lifestyle more than any other
decade . People who love Rock n Roll music usually also love the look to go
with it; its timeless. Films like Grease have been consistently popular and
of course Elvis has always been incredibly successful, even years after his
death. In the 1980s, Shakin Stevens , The Stray Cats and The Jets brought
this kind of music back to people, and today we have The Baseballs and many
40s style girl bands out there, who are introducing rock n roll to a whole
new generation. There are so many new magazines out right now, that focus
on vintage fashion and capturing the look, its wonderful to see!Its such a
beautiful, classy way to look.

11) Do you have any advice for readers who perhaps would like to try doing
some pin-up inspired art?

Firstly, study anatomy! There are lots of great books out there about artist
figure drawing and even some dedicated to pin up art. Practise is so
important and to keep learning new techniques and what works best for you.
You realise how much you have progressed when you look back at your old
work. I cringe when I look at some of mine, from years ago, but at least it
shows I've improved!! I have days when nothing will work out right, and I
just have to learn to walk away and do something else that day!

12) Do you have more faery and fantasy art or pin up art in your home? Or
other pictures altogether?
I have mainly pin up art .In my studio, I have lots of inspirational 50s
style pictures ; The Baseballs, Elvis, Marilyn, Diana Dors, as well as
pictures by other pin up artists. I have lots of vintage Barbie dolls too
and its my dream to own an authentic jukebox!


13) Is there anything else you would like to share with us about your work?
Where can we find it for sale etc.?
You can visit my website ( soon to be revamped!) at I love hearing from people! 

Thank you so much Kathy for taking time to answer my questions and being the first artist to be featured on my blog!

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