Friday, 8 June 2012

The Magical Faerie Festival 2012

Last weekend I went to a Faerie festival run by The Magical Times Magazine. This is the first of two outdoor camps held in a beautiful village of Findon near Worthing and this time I took a stall with me to sell my artwork and mini top hats!
I turned up on Friday with my tent and trading wares packed into the smart car. People scratch their head and wonder how (and indeed why) I do it!
Tent, air bed, sleeping bag, shelves, art work. Check!

Good job it was just me going to this one otherwise we would of had to bring both Smart cars!

During the day more and more people came to set up camp and stalls and it was nice to be with my faerie friends again. 
The evenings entertainment was supplied by the wonderful Serpentyne. I remember learning some medieval court dances and roaring like a bear... The wine went straight to my head!

The next day we had breakfast and set up the stall again. Fellow artists Esther Remmington and Martin Winckles allowed me to share their gazebo with them which I was very thankful for as it did decide to rain half way through the day.
Lovely masks by EBG Leather

Mini top hats for sale!

More of my wares, including toadstool house earrings.
Relaxing by my stall. Photo courtesy of  Breaca

During the day I got a henna tattoo done, I went for a Steampunk heart theme. How cool is that?
 On the Saturday evening there was a faerie ball with music from The excellent Touch the Earth, Endless knot and Eleanor and the Lost. This is a time when people come out in their faerie best and I was pleased to see many people sporting their Mini top hats that they had brought from me earlier that day

 Blue and peacock butterfly hat
Another faerie with toadstool and ladybird hat

 Listening to Touch the earth as the dark clouds roll in.
The faerie Celtic Moon crew!
After this photo was taken it began to rain so we piled in to the marquee to hear Matthew Callow sing!
Matthew with a faerie dancer.
During this time the rain continued to come down harder and the wind picked up. After Endless Knot finished playing and Eleanor and her band began to set up and play the rain was coming down in a deluge. So much so that the ground under the marquee was turning boggy and it became too dangerous with all the electric equipment every where. The set was cut short and every faerie, witch, elf and sprite ran as fast as they could back to their tents.

That night was was one of the worse nights sleep I have had in a long time. I was completes soaked and there was no where to get dry so I snuggled in my sleeping bag and hoped my tent wouldn't float away!

Early Sunday morning I awoke to the sound of crows cawing and people surveying the damage of the rains over night. Luckily all the stock was dry as I had put it in the car before going to the ball. Phew!
After packing up the soggy tent and gazebo we decided to get on the road and find some where to have lunch. It was a shame the weather decided to change as the weekend before it had been glorious. Oh well much fun was had at any rate.

Would just like to add that today (8th June 2012) our beloved pet Codie Claws was put to sleep after weeks of deterioration in health. He was a beautiful Siamese kitty who I shall always remember with lots of love.

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