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Celtic Moon Pagan Pilgrimage Part Two

Here continues my blog posts about my recent pagan pilgrimage with pagan community Celtic Moon.

Day three
Sunday was the day I was really looking forward to. As a group we managed to book time within Stonehenge.
I have been to Stonehenge before. I remember being very impressed by the ancient monument when I was stood on the outside but not 'feeling' anything as the distance was too great. This time we were going to be INSIDE it, on the grass and off the stone path. This was going to be something to remember.
For this chance we had to leave the cottage early, we were over an hours drive from Stonehenge and we were lucky that we had clear blue skies and the sun was bright and warm.
We turned up at the car park dead on 8 o'clock and was led by a polish security guard in a high-vis under the subway and up the slope to where the stones waited.
As soon as I cross the threshold my heart started to beat more prominently with in my chest. I stood and looked at one of the huge Sarsen stones I suddenly felt very humbled and very small. These stones are massive! How on earth did our ancestors do it?
Photo not to scale

As I looked and walked around the circle I became more emotional. One of the other members of our group came up and as I spoke with her I began to cry! The feeling was so overwhelming I couldn't hold it in.

I dried my tears and along with others of our group, took off my boots and socks to stand on the very ground that the stones stood.
Hi- vis and pagans together in perfect harmony
During our time with in the stones we sat and closed our eyes, the sun falling on our faces and listened to the sound of the birds who had nested in the great arches.
After some meditation the members of Celtic Moon gathered in a circle and held hands as we started some cascading 'Awens' which vibrated around the circle and up into the sky above. It moved many of us to tears and was a moment I won't ever forget.
As our hour came to a close we took photos of us all with in the circle. I stood in awe underneath the arches and  I felt my hands tingle, I can feel the sensation now as I write this it was that powerful.
As I stood there, in the shadow of the mighty stones I knew that what I am doing with my spirituality is right.
That smiles says it all. photo courtesy of Esther Remmington

 Sharing our time within the circle were other tourists include a pair of Americans who just viewed the stones as another 'Awesome structure.' That is not how I see them. They have so much to give us, to teach us if you are open to it. They are the old ones, the guardians and keep our pagan past alive and well in this fast paced world in which we live in now.
Blue skies, green fields and grey stone
      From Stonehenge we made our way towards Avebury (not before stopping for a hearty breakfast!)
I have also been to Avebury stone circle before so I knew what to expect, however what I hadn't experienced before was the power of Stonehenge and I found that being surrounded by the stones at Avebury was a real comfort and balancing energy.
Just noticed a orb in this picture...
The fantastic roots of the beech trees. One of my favourite places.

After wondering round the village we head on to West Kennet Long barrow, a Neolithic tomb just outside of Avebury.
The long walk up to the barrow was met with the sounds of drums and as we crested the hill two men came out of the barrow with their drums making me wish I had brought my drum with me.
The first chamber of the barrow is open for visitors to go inside and so I went in not knowing what I would experience inside.
It was dark in the barrow, however there was small glass windows in the roof so it wasn't pitch black, probably for health and safety.
It was quiet within the barrow, allowing time to think and reflect, in fact at times the silence became too much and it was a relief to hear a bird singing outside or someone else in the barrow shuffle their feet.
Places like that take you out of the hear and now. Down there time is irrelevant.
Because this was a tomb and a place of death I had thought that a sense of sadness would take over along with the cold but as I stood with my eyes closed and my back against the freezing stone wall I felt anything but sad.
I felt like the stones needed us there, that it wanted our warmth for those who once laid within it's walls. That this was a place of celebrating life and what was to come afterwards once the tomb was sealed.
After a while being in the cold got to much and I walked above along the whole length of the barrow, deep in thought.
The barrow entrance.

It had been a day I would never forget. Extremely emotional and powerful and not what I had expected at all.

That evening after dinner the Celtic Mooners sat round the dinner table, lit the candles and turned off the lights to share our thoughts of the weekend we had experienced.
This was a very moving time for me as it was the night when I officially became a member of the Celtic Moon Circle which just completed what was already an amazing and fantastic day.

The next morning was our last day in the cottage and the weather had broken, it continued to rain the whole journey home which made our trip away feel like we had gone abroad!

I know this was a rather lengthy blog and I thank you if you have read all the way down to here!
My experiences on this trip was very difficult to write down but I hope I managed to convey what a special time I had and if you ever get a chance to visit any of these places then do so. The ancestors are waiting.

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  1. Hey lovely, what a wonderful blog. Having also been inside Stonehenge last yea, I understand completely about it being an experience you'll never forget. The power and energy of the place is so awesome and alive - and I think the energy of those stones works it's magic on you way after you've left! Seeing the High Vis security guys again makes me laugh too! They get on all the pictures!
    Avebury and West Kennet are also amazing and effecting places! Makes me want to go back to all these places now! Thanks for the honest and emotive blog. :) xx