Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Celtic Moon Pagan Pilgrimage Part 1

Last weekend (May 12th/14th) I went away with some other members of the Celtic Moon pagan community. The following two blog entries will be about my time away and what I experienced.

Day One and Two
I stayed with Esther and Martin (good friends and fellow artisans) on Thursday night so we could be up and on the road early on the Friday. The drive to Bradford on Avon was pleasant with the sun shining which was a blessing as the weather had been pitiful for weeks.

The cottage we were staying in for the weekend was really beautiful and plenty of room for us all and lovely views of the canal and the town.

Our home for the weekend

On the Saturday we went to Glastonbury to walk up the Tor and visit the Chalice Well gardens and to shop!

I love the views from atop the Tor and because the weather was so clear and bright you could see for miles.

While I was up to the tor I even managed to do a bit of sketching of the view.

Afterwards we went into Chalice well gardens a beautiful place to chill, relax and be at peace. This is the location of the red iron rich water and the freezing cold healing pool which remains at a constant 11 degrees no matter the weather.
By the running red water

The Vesica Piscis Well Head

It was by the well that a small group of us took the chance to meditate while listening to the sound of the trickling water and the peaceful atmosphere.

From chalice well I then went on to The White Spring. I had never been to this place before but it was amazing. Looked after by the local community it is a place where the natural occurring spring water cascades from the Tor into a plunge pool. Altar dedicated to the Goddess and God were set up in their honour.

An Altar dedicated to Beltane

Altar dedicated to Herne
After taking these photos I got told off as photos were prohibited so I didn't take any more.

I did a bit of shopping in Glastonbury which is home to some amazing shops including Lilith's and Goddess and the Greenman. I didn't buy much but I did get a Awen pendant, a stag and Hare pin badge.

In the evening we all sat down for a lovely curry dinner and a few of us finished the day with a walk down by the canal. Bliss.

Stay tuned for part two of my blog on my Pagan Pilgrimage covering Stonehenge, Avebury and West Kennet Long Barrow.

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