Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Steampunk mini top hat

On Monday 9th April I am going to my first Steampunk event at the Chatham Dockyard in Kent.
As part of the Medway Festival of Steam and Transport their will be a Steampunk village with artisans selling their wares and a fashion show! If only I had know sooner I would have seen about having a stall there but as it is I am going to go dressed in my Steampunk finest.

Last year for the Canterbury Faerie Festival I made lots of mini top hats for sale and I even sold my own Steampunk top hat which I am wearing in this photo shoot.
The mini top hats I made.

Steampunk photo shoot and the pocket watch mini top hat I sold.

So I had to make another one!
I had run out of the buttons that I used on the first pocket watch hat but I quite like these square ones.

The little pocket watch was made out of air drying clay and then painted. 

Would you believe these hats first started their lives as Styrofoam cups?

I am really looking forward to this event and will be blogging about it when I get home. Trains, classic cars and Steampunk? I can't wait!

For those new to Steampunk here are some links to find out more: a Steampunk band A great blog and forum

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