Monday, 9 April 2012

A Steampunk event

Today I went to one of my first Steampunk event at The Historical Chatham Dockyard. It was a bit of a foul day in terms of weather and I have a very painful sore throat too :(
The event was part of The Medway Festival of Steam and Transport and there were many fine examples of steam engines and classic cars, it was just too wet and cold to stand around and look at them :(

Luckily the Steampunk village was in a dry engine shed and they had plenty of things to see, buy and entertain the casual onlooker.

There were many fabulous stalls selling all sorts of Steampunk goodies ranging from whole outfits to Goggles.

I got to watch my first ever Tea Duel which was highly amusing and would have liked to have taken part if I had known what Tea Duelling was before hand!
I should have watched this video.

 Tea Duelling in action!

This was then followed by a fashion show where we got to see some of the highly elaborate and beautiful Steampunk attire.

Sorry for the poor qualities of my photos, I only had my phones camera to take pictures with.
I didn't get a photo of me but I know one of the stall holders did so I will be looking on Brass Goggles to see if she will post it up there.

A rather enjoyable day, just a shame about the weather and my sore throat. can't wait to go to more Steampunk events in the future!

oh yes before I forget there was also this cute little wannabe VW camper there too :) We followed it on the way home but it was on the back of a trailer.

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