Sunday, 28 July 2013

More Bakelite finds

I have been very lucky on eBay recently and snagged not one but four Bakelite bangles at amazing prices!

The first set of 3 bangles were not listed as Bakelite but as 3 green stone bangle set from 1980s. From the picture they looked like marbled 'Green Spinach' bakelite and so I made a seller and offer which they accepted. When the bangles arrived I knew my hunch was correct and when I tested them they showed as positive. 3 bangles for under £7, that is a bargain!

My next purchase on eBay was a carved bangle featuring concentric circles in 'Apple Juice' that had been Simichrome tested but did not state that it was bakelite. The bidding started under a tender and I decided to bid and I won!
When I got the bangle I did my own test by placing the bangle under hot water and giving it a sniff and was satisfied by the smell of formyldehyde coming from the bangle.
Some Internet searching has found a similar bangle but in 'Butterscotch' for sale at $85!

My four new bangles to add to my collection!

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