Thursday, 25 July 2013

A dog gone year!

Can not believe it has been a year since little Keijo (Kay-o) the Finnish Lapphund has come in to our lives!

Having a dog really has changed our lives and I can't remember a time with out him now.
On the day we picked him up.

So small!

   Growing bigger!
Such a comedian!
Hello handsome!

He even likes it when I drum.

We have had many ups and down with him, which I think is typical for most dog owners. He is such a handsome boy but he sure likes to bark, especially when the door bell rings.
Also today we had to take him to the vets because he kept itching his ear. He was given a sedative and the vet found a nasty grass seed that had worked into Keijo's ear canal.

At least he is ok now.

I love having a dog!

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