Sunday, 17 November 2013

Busy, happy, sad times.

Sorry for being so neglectful of my blog of late but October came and went in a whirlwind of excitement and sadness.

Firstly on the 10th October my Grandma passed away. She was a lovely woman who I will miss deeply. My grandma loved her family and when I was younger she used to babysit me and come on family holidays.
I even made a documentary about her for my uni course work and with my Mum we looked after her so she was still in her own home right until the end.
It seems funny that I used just two paragraphs to sum up how I feel but words have been difficult to put down which is why it has been such a long time since her passing before I could write anything.
Gone, but always in my heart. <3

Also in October I went to several events. The first one was the Samhain Pagan future festivals in Bedford.
This was quite a small event and the best part was. I got to drum along with the pentacle drummers!

Celtic Moon at the Samhain pagan future fest!

The second event was the Samhain Faery ball and fair in Glastonbury.
We went up on the Friday to see Linda Ravenscroft in her beautiful shop on Glastonbury hight street before booking into the Travelodge.
The next morning we had breakfast with Breaca and Vandrake from Cetlic moon before meeting up with other circle members to shop in the faerie faire.
This year, because of everything which had been going on, I decided to purchase a very special item. A Fayble by the very talented sculptor Armorel Hamilton.
I have drooled over her little fluffy creations for years and have wanted my own for a long time and I just decided to go for it.
So meet Marshall Binx the Pine Sprig!

He is wonderful and I called him Marshall in remembrance of my Grandma, who loved Marshmallows.
He is a one of a kind Fayble, fully poseable  and has a little bell on his tail. I absolutely love him! <3 nbsp="">

I also brought an axe head necklace from Terry English for Leon and a Elen pendant from fellow artist Laura Daligan.

In the afternoon we headed back to the Travelodge to get changed for the ball. This year I decided to go as a tribal fae warrior, complete with roe deer skull head dress, war paint and spear.
Faery warrior troupe! 

The nights entertainment was provided by the Dolemen and a wonderful band called Rapaljie. I have never seen a man in a kilt playing a bagpipe with a Helmet on fire and fire coming out of the instrument. It has to be seen to be believed!

The next day we went back into Glastonbury town to mooch around and spend more money before heading off to the Camelot inn for a hearty meal with the other members of Celtic Moon and friends. It was a lovely evening but we had to head off early to get home before the impending storm which had been forecasted.

Rather than go on the A303 the Sat Nav suggested the M4 route home. Of course this then meant we were travelling through the center of London of a very wet Sunday night. Luckily we got home safely and the storm didn't effect us too much.

On the 1st of November it was my friends Halloween party in Essex, so after work I went home, got ghoulishly dressed as Morticia Addams and Leon as Gomez Addams for a fun night of chatting, laughing and dancing.

Phew! What a busy time it has been!

Until next time!

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