Wednesday, 30 December 2015

My year in review

So here we are again. Christmas is over and plans for New Years party are in preparation and I am reflecting back on 2015. And what a year it was!

Due to being on maternity, for the first time in 4 years I had my weekends free and I planned events for almost every single one.

Watching Layla grow day by day has been a joy but it really has only been recently that I can see how much she has grown. She has become her own little person, full of personality already. 

This year also saw me making changes to my appearance and life style. I decided to add a streak of blonde hair, inspired by the beautiful Imelda May for when I do my barrel roll hairstyle. I also embraced wearing vintage and vintage repro clothing every day and made new friends via Facebook groups such as Vintage Vixens Den and 1940s/ 1950s Most Marvellous meet ups. 

In June we went along to the Pinup picnic in the park in London, that was an experience! 

And in August we helped out on the Work force at Broadstairs Folkweek, with my parents coming to look after Layla.
Camping with a baby wasn't as hard as I thought.

September time saw us going to Salute to the 40s at Chatham Dockyard, which was a scorcher of a day.
In October we went to Glastonbury for the faery ball, this years theme was Middle Earth.

Suffice to say with all this vintage events happening and being a brand new mother my paganism  took a bit of a back seat. 
I managed to get along to two Beltane picnics with Layla and to my local drum group for one night but that was about it! As Layla gets older I know that I will be able to get back to my pagan studies but for now I am enjoying being in the Mother aspect of my life's path.

2015 has seen it's share of good times and bad. Of laughter and sadness. New friendships made and old friendships not as close as I would like. 

For me 2016 will continue to be an exploration of motherhood with my little girl, who every day strengthens my love and admiration for her. 
In June I am taking her to 3 wishes faery festival after a two year hiatus and I am sure there will be plenty more vintage events to go along to, as long as I can book the time off work.

It's been a busy time and now that I am back to work I hope to get blogging more frequently.

All that is left to say is;
Blessings for 2016. 


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