Sunday, 20 July 2014

Return to War... And peace

After the great time at last years War and Peace Revival show, I had already planned that I would go back in 2014.

I brought my tickets well in advanced and this time my Mum was coming along too.

I had been really looking forward to the event and been gathering pieces for my 'costume'  two months in advance as I have never done a 1940s style before.
This included some coral sandals from "Miss-L- Fire" shoes, which I had to stretch to fit into.

 I picked up a wonderful maternity red gingham and cherry dress from Pin-up parade and I had been doodling what I was hoping to look like on the day.

We decided to go on the Wednesday as it was set to be the best weather. I woke up early wanting to do my hair with a suicide roll at the front and two victory rolls meeting in the middle, with the rest of my hair in a red snood. Suffice to say, my hair was not cooperating and I should have got up an hour earlier to achieve the look I wanted. In the end I had to settle with a single roll at the front and all the rest tucked into the snood. 

We were running late now and still had to get to the Folkstone racecourse where the event was held. However, because I had brought my tickets in advance there was no queuing up when we got there. Result!

Me and my Mum made a bee line for the vintage market as my Mum wanted to buy herself a dress, either vintage or repro. We found the trader I got my lovely red and white dress from last year and Mum got a gorgeous blue flowered dress.
While I was browsing the racks of beautiful dresses I found a dress with Antelopes, acorns and oak leaves. Well it was the red and white dress all over again! I had to have it, won't be able to wear it for much longer as my numb gets bigger but It will be something to look forward to wearing after baby is here.

I haven't go a photo of me wearing the dress but here is what it looks like.

Close up of pattern.- I love it!

After browsing the stalls, we went to the Home Front Cafe and had cream teas. Someone in the cafe asked me if I worked there and I told her no and she was quite embarrassed, apologising and said how well I matched the ww2 deco. 

While the boys went to see the battles going on in the main arena, me and Mum headed for the Vintage marque to see what was going on in there. It turned out to be not a lot. The program specified that there was to be a introductory to vintage at 12:00, followed by Jive lessons at 12:30. This did not happen.
In fact the organisers seemed flustered that there was a audience gathering and they had nothing planned. 
They quickly put on a quick dance demonstration and I learnt how to do 'The Stroll' and then we headed to the Victory Marque to see the Jive Aces perform.

The Jive Aces
Enjoying the show.

Like last year, we could have stayed in the Victory marque all day as it had a steady line up of great performers but we decided to have a wonder around the venue. 
We went and had photos taken next to the impressive Mechasmit model and talked to some of the home front Re-enactors, who are always pleasant and interesting to talk to.
There is a little village set up to teach people what life was like at home during the Second World War. I couldn't help but pose in front of a wireless. Listening out for news from the front line.

Before we knew it, it was lunch time and afterwards we separated from the boys again so they could do a tour of the vast army camps and Mum and me headed back to the vintage Marque to catch the second part of the fashion show.
When we got there we were disappointed to learn that the schedule for the day had to be scrapped. Apparently they had so many children visiting for the school open day wanting to learn how to dance, that everything which was written in the programme had to be reshuffled or cancelled all together. I was quite disappointed to hear this as the vintage side of the show was what I had enjoyed so much about last year.
We were told to go back at 4:15 for the 'best dressed person/ couple' competition and then there would be the group tea dance.
So we took ourselves back to the Victory marque to watch more of the performers.
We saw the Swingtime Sweethearts and they sang one song which made me feel very emotional. It made me think of my Grandma and I could imagine her singing along to the song and I had a few tears in my eyes.

I checked my watch and saw it was for 4:14 so we headed back to the other marque in time before the competition... For it not to happen. 
Instead they skipped that and went straight into the group tea dance, which me and Mum decided to join in with. I absolutely loved it. I learnt two dances, including the Gay Gordon's, which was a favourite dance of my Grandma's.

Feeling out of breath, we then went for another browse in the trade stalls and spent more money and I got Leon a lovely shirt from Steady Clothing, an American company. The shirt cost more than my dress but it's so difficult to find vintage repro clothing that Leon would wear.
With slightly sore feet but happy hearts we waved goodbye to War and 
Peace revival for another year.
We will be going again next year but I have learnt a lot from this year.

1) We won't be going on a Wednesday. This is the same day all the children from local schools go and they were everywhere! It was lovely seeing them dancing to the Jive Aces and taking a interest in our history but for me it really spoilt my day.

2) If I can afford to I want to go for two day. One day is not enough but they only sell day tickets and it is a shame they don't do a two day ticket deal.

3) I can pull off a 1940s look! I had so many compliments about my style and my accessories, especially my glass bird and leaf necklace I brought off eBay a week in advance.

If you are thinking about going to the show next year, go! You will have a great time!

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