Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Overtones

 Oh gosh would you look at that! It's March already and this is my first blog post of 2014!
To be fair I have been posting on my other blog about my pyrography which you can read here.

So what has been going on?
We have a new fluffy member of the family. Her name is Izzy, she is a keeshond and a rescue. She is such a sweetie and I adore her. Luckily Keijo adores her too but a little too much if you get my meaning.
Keijo and Izzy

Now on to the main subject of this blog. The Overtones.

I have liked this male singing group for quite a while and I have all their albums. It is great music to drive and sing a long to. For my birthday my brother and Sister-in-law got me tickets to see them in concert at the Brighton dome on the 1st March.
Now for those that don't know, I work for a rather large car retailer and as such the 1st March is extremely important in the car industry as it is when new number plates are released. I had booked the date of well in advanced but it had not be authorised. It wasn't until the weekend before he gig that I was told I couldn't have the time off!
Panicked I had the awful realisation that I wasn't able to go! Lucky for me a work colleague agreed to a shift swap so I worked their Friday afternoon and they covered my afternoon on Saturday meaning I was free to get to Brighton in the afternoon, have dinner and then see the boys!

We had very good view from the stage and was only a couple of rows from the front. I hadn't been told who was supporting the guys in concert so I was really excited to find out it was Si Cranstoun. I had found out about Si at the same time I heard J D McPherson's music, so to finally see him singing live was a real treat!
Si Cranstoun's video- check him out!

The Overtones themselves were fab! It was music from their newest album, Saturday Night At The Movies, including the song, Do you love me?, Pretty woman, King of the Swingers and More.
The stage had a Hollywood glamour feel to it and the backing band was very good as well. All in all a great night out.
Afterwards we queued to meet the boys and get merchandised signed. I got a kiss on my cheek from Mike as I said I was there for my birthday present. Even though my birthday was back in December... Oh well. ;)

This is their newest video. Superstar. 

Oh yes, it was a good job we did get to Brighton late as the Collectif shop was closed and I needed to save money for Glastonbury. That will be in the next blog post. :)

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