Monday, 23 July 2012

Puppy power!

We have a new member of our household! May I introduce Keijo the Finnish Lapphund!

Keijo (pronounced Key-yoo, we think) is a 8 weeks old little bundle of fluff, fun and cuteness!
We have wanted a dog for ages and it was a long search finding the right type of dog that we would all be happy with. My partner's Mum had wanted a husky but they would never fit in the smarts!

Little Keijo is quite rare in the UK and I am sure when he gets older I will have this sentence down to a tee.
A spitz type, like a husky but smaller.

This is Keijo 's daddy!
These dogs were breed as reindeer herders in their native country and have beautiful fur to keep them warm in the cold weather. They are a energetic and intelligent breed.

So far Keijo has had fun exploring the garden area and has settled in really well. We was worried he was going to miss his 6 siblings but as long as he has humans to keep him company he seems perfectly happy!
Leon taking photos of the pups.

The breeder, Toni Jackson is the author of the only book about the breed and has many championship winners. We were very lucky to get a pup from such a great breeder. I am sure little Keijo is going to be just as handsome as his papa!

He really is a little poser, which is great as we have a photographer in the family.

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